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Where Are The Adults In The Room?

While I don’t like admitting it, occasionally a milestone occurs that will give away my actual age.  Today’s one such example.

Exactly fifty years ago today I put on a tight polyester suit and stood before a Torah in the Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills and was Bar Mitzvahed.

I don’t remember too many specific details, and almost no one I have contact with these days was either present and/or is currently alive to refresh my memory.  But what I do remember was the weather–Indian summer-ish, and the words of the mysterious rabbi we had had very little actual contact before or since that he spoke while the sisterhood president politely handed me a prayer book (which I think was accidentally thrown out a few weeks later).

“Today, you are a man.  And as a Jew, this is perhaps the day when you will be the most Jewish.  We can only pray you are motivated to continue along the path we have helped you set for yourself”.

Well, I’ve sort of done that, although lately, not so well, apparently.  What I now realize for so many others the day one comes of age, whether it’s via a B’nai Mitzvah, a quincenera, a confirmation, or even puberty , it is arguably the day they may have reached their pinnacle of being an adult.

You look at this world, as divided, as uninformed, and as unapolgetically ageist and racist as it is, for any sort of guidepost or consolation.

You see in Los Angeles a City Council incapable of holding meetings without massive public protest demanding “the soul of a city” be saved by having all three unwitting participants in an off-color conversation more than a year ago pay for the sins of their feelings with their careers.

You see our current President, desperately trying to save the party that he somehow still is considered the best person to lead, weighing in and joining the cry for those duly elected officials’ heads as he struts around the Southland hoping to raise money to combat his opponents.

You see those opponents, many of whom believe with the tenacity of Jesus that that president never was fairly elected, raising millions of dollars from self-motivated donors desperately trying to recreate a world where none of those with the background of those City Council officials would even be in this country, let alone hold office.

You see them supporting candidates for elected office that include a local FOX news anchor, a minstrel-like former Heisman Trophy winner with numerous allegations of physical abuse, and a gingko balboa-hawking cancelled talk show host who most recently delivered a 0.4 HH rating, and believe they are capable of leading this country, each without a single second of previous public service on their record.

If you’re me, and you try to escape the news cycle with sports, you see someone like Daniel Snyder, the billionaire owner of the Washington Red–er, Football–er–Commanders defying the entire National Football League to dare to force him to sell his team, despite the myriad of lawsuits and testimony of his own lewd and toxic behavior and the culture he fostered dragging down the value of both his franchise and those of the owners he now clams he has “sufficient dirt” on to blow up the whole damn cash cow.  And on the heels of this, the league somehow postpones any such decision on his actions yet again as this information hits the wires on a day capped by his Commanders somehow winning one of the lousiest examples of a primetime football game one has seen since–well, last week (so sorry, Prime Video).

Oh, and speaking of them, when I tried to find some sort of professionalism from their middle management staffers who were asked, by their chairman, to consider looking at an award-winning documentary that a good and auspiced friend is representing–a process that began nearly two months ago–we learned for the fourth consecutive time that these extremely busy people were postponing yet another scheduled meeting to discuss the film–just a discussion, mind you–because of “conflcits”.  No suggested new time, either.

I don’t know for sure if these people are still working from home, but their cavalier attitude of ignorance and lack of courtesy appears that they still are–and that is a sad byproduct of the lack of accountability no physical presence in an office where your superiors can actually confront you creates.   Existing in bubbles, still clinging to the ridiculous belief of “safety” in a world where even our beloved Dr. Fauci now supports the concept of human interaction resuming once and for all, has, to me, fostered a culture of entitled paper pushers who are far more concerned with whether tehir dog gets walked or if their latte is ideal rather than actually doing any work on any realistic timetable.

And, last but not least, at the top of this food chain are our former president, now subpoenaed, literally mocking Congress for this ineptness and lack of guts to have taken this action sooner than less a month before an election that, inexplicably, enough of his mindless supporters could win, and assure that his man-child behavior, which the current president chides as “semi-fascist”.

Not to mention his even more unhinged idol over in Moscow who is threatening to literally blow up his own dissenters.

Some of these leaders are even older than me.  They’re all legally adults.

Do YOU see any of the fitting such a definition?

Yesterday some people who claim to have my best interests in hand all banded together in an attempt to help me set a better path.  I’ve consistently asked them–pleaded, in fact–for two things.  A road to a steady source of income befitting of my intellgence and abilities.  And enough respect to understand the journey I have been on, while each of them has been otherwise preoccupied with their own lives, one of them so wrapped in “safety” that he allowed some truly horrible things to happen to me unobserved within minutes of his fortress, that what I’ve learned, in ways I wouldn’t wish on any of them, is indeed what is happening.

Instead, I got mostly not fully informed graspings at straws and cross-examination of my experiences, and absolutely nothing but shrugs and eyerolls when I would offer those solutions.

I felt like fifty years of “manhood” that that rabbi gave me, every accomplishment I’ve made along the way, every bit of success I’ve achieved for myself and others, meant literally nothing to them.   I freely admit I was extremely enraged and argumentative when this discussion reached the hour point without anything more thn a promise to revconvene.

But, hey, I know that even at my worst, I’m way more mature and composed than the leaders of the free world and businesspeople who’ve made way more than any of us every have or will.

So where are the adults, if not in any of the above examples?

Perhaps I ought to see who’s getting a B’nai Mitzvah sometime soon?