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Taking One’s Own Advice For Maintenance

So last week I got the renewal notice from God that I am starting another trip around the sun, which these days one doesn’t take for granted.  Yesterday I sadly spent another warm afternoon at a cemetery helping to mourn and bury a beloved business colleague and friend who was taken from us way too young.  It’s wonderful to see people I haven’t seen in months or years (yeh, yeh, pandemic, etc.), I just personally wish it wouldn’t be almost exclusively when many are happier not to be the one in the coffin than we are to see each other alive.

When a TV series gets a renewal back in days of yore when these things mattered more I’d often get the task of doing a series maintenance “deep dive”.  What’s resonating with viewers?  What plot lines intrigue them?  Is there a difference in those answers among more frequent and/or younger viewers?  Do they align with the instincts of the creatives?  And, most of all, will their egos allow them to address anything those objective observers would express?

This site has now produced nearly 300 entries over slightly more than a year, snd it’s actually gaining some traction, if I’m to believe what several of my fellow mourners expressed to me during the shiva meal (thank you, by the way, to the family and one very special bakery entrepreneur for providing the best damn croissant I’ve allowed myself to have in quite a while).   So, in effect, I had a chance to do my own research for a change with an impromptu focus group, a follow-up to some other feedback I got the previous week.

And it’s clear, at least to me, that while many actually respect and even praise my views on the increasingly complex and at times frustrating views on media and even politics, reading my rants on those more personal issues detract somewhat from the impact I can have.  Those that know me personally know what I’ve had to endure, and I’ve not been shy about sharing my truths.  I’ve struggled for my own survival, and I’m stlll hell-bent on being professionally prolific.  No matter what curve balls and heartbreak the pandemic, cruel exes or indifferent former colleagues may throw at me.

And, frankly, I’m even tired of ranting at Barbara Ferrer and the CDC, at least for now.  I still bristle when I’m scolded for my lax personal policy on masking, my four vaccines notwithstanding, but recent events are beginning to shut up even the most paranoid of my friends and reinforcing the conclusions I came to more than a year ago aren’t either conspiracy theory or suicidal.

Those truths are still mine, and they are stories still being written.  But they don’t necessarily belong on a site aimed at reinforcing that I bring incomparable value to companies, both in media and not, as well as individuals looking to grow their own personal brands.

So in the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing some of the more personal entries on this site moving off of it, and I’ll be launching a new one to house those stories and any other future entries that I deem worthy of sharing.  I’ll not provide links to it from here beyond its initial announcement, so over time only those who actually know or want to know my personal stories will be saddled with my occasional rants.   Hey, if HBO Max can drop Sesame Street episodes, I can move my quaran-tine sweetheart to another location.

Oh, don’t worry, when those rants have something to do with the world of media, tech, business and news they’ll still be prevalent.  My series maintenance work revealed that’s apparently my signature and style, one that sets it apart from, say, an advertorial (and, yes, I’ll still occasionally provide those kinds of deep dives where relevant).

The third site will have its own URL, distinct look and vision, occasionally exahusted but hopefully more inspirational.  Look for details on it in the coming weeks.

And that will allow this space to potentially diversify as originally intended, with audio, video and even paid tier opportunities.  Because, ya know, nothing is completely free.  And this trip around the sun has to be more profitable for me, lest my next renewal be mortally wounded by the lack of it.

You’ll have to go to the new site to find out how that progresses.  For here, we’ll continue to focus on what’s occasionally right with content and entertainemtn, point out what’s wrong and, most of all, provide context and arguments to back up those viewpoints.  Just like series maintenance studies always have.

I sure hope you’ll still be reading and consuming.  And perhaps spread the word to others that I’m taking my own advice.  I could use the amplification.

Until next time…