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Sleepy Joe’s Got A Cold

All damn weekend, the news networks and my numerous digital news feeds have been pinging like a freshly shot bullet with the updates on President Biden’s bout with COVID-19.  The press conferences, the barrage of woke reporters questioning whether he should have been masked when he was last out in public, meticulously scrutizining the CDC “recommendations” and triple-checking that the President was following to the letter what his team was pleading the world to follow far more stringently, and doing their best to reinforce the reality that “well, a 79-year-old man is quite vulnerable, and even though he’s double-vaxxed and double-boosted, it’s a reminder that we need to use all of the tools we have at our disposal to ensure our safety”.

Jesus H. Christ, SPARE ME.

Last time I looked, the President was able to ride a bike quite well, even if he couldn’t necessarily get his foot out of the pedals safely,  He himself has said he has mild symptoms–a sore throat and body aches at their peak, and that’s already diminishing.  He’s allegedly working, though there’s already concern that since we haven’t seen video of him since Friday, he MIGHT be worse off that the White House is letting on.

So instead of seeing Biden, we see Dr.  Ashish Jha, Biden’s personal physician, taking to the airwaves, along with a host of “medical experts”, who are turning his diagnosis into a relentless public service opportunity to urge, plead, insist, saber-rattle for everyone over 50 to get their vaccines and maximum boosts, and, G-d help us, wear masks anywhere and everywhere.  On my NBC News feed, Washington-area doctors, an intriguing mix of racial and gender diversity, reinforce this messaging, quoting numbers and deliver their message with exhausted, breathy urgency from their offices.

Let’s see now.  A sore throat and a cold.  And THAT provokes discussion of chain of command.

When I stayed with a good friend at her older home during rainy season in the Pacific Northwest, I had symptoms of my own.  Body aches, a scratchy throat, a nagging cough,  I can’t begin to tell you how many of my otherwise ignorant friends sounded the alarm for me, almost gleefully taunting me that “see, you got the virus!  Don’t deny it!  Isolate!  Isolate!  ISOLATE!!!!!!!”

I went to a doctor via TeleHealth, he prescribed some medicine–NOT PAXLOVID–and as soon as I returned to warmer climes, I was healthy as a horse once again.  And yes, I took a friggin’ COVID test, and of course I came back negative.  Just like I have for two years and change.

We have gotten to a point where media and woke politics have become as fear-mongering and divisive as the conservative movement is with their accusations about the appetite Democrats supposedly have about dead babies.  It’s honestly gotten to the point where I’m almost ashamed to say I come out far more on the side of those who have named the site of Biden’s recent bike mishap “Brandon Falls”.

The president has a COLD.  He will be FINE.  He’ll probably outlive many of us–though at the rate he’s going, he may see retirement sooner than he’d like.

For what it’s worth, I’m truly wishing him a very speedy recovery.  Because, G-d forbid, should he actually be sick we get this in charge of us:

Now that REALLY makes me sick.

Get well, Sleepy Joe.

Until next time…