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New beginnings

You probably don’t know the person whose beautiful photo adorns this page this morning.  I barely do myself.  But we will both learn more than we ever had hoped to know in the coming months.

I am about to start one of the most pivotal months of my life.  For a lot of reasons.  This beautiful woman is a major reason why I am even here to start the journey and she will be a major reason why there will be a happy path beyond this beginning.

I will say this much for now.  Her journey is even more fascinating than mine.  She is a paragon of perseverance.  She will ultimately earn global accolade for her strength in a manner than eclipses her obvious beauty.  For many she is a fantasy.  For me she is a reality.  And I am proudest to say she is a friend.

There are others you will meet should you want to.  I’ll hope you do.  You, along with me, will discover that true beauty is beneath the surface, though if it is pure the surface cannot be anything but inspiring.  Sbe is an inspiration to me.  And I hope for you as well.

Until next time….