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Herschel Walker Is Still A F–king Idiot

Yes, you read the headlight right.  Still. I first uttered those words when I saw a 1983 commercial he filmed shortly after he won the Heisman Trophy as a junior star running back at the University of Georgia, where he sported an Adidas T-Shirt and shilled for McDonald’s Big Macs.  He had also made history […]

Am I A Minority?

It’s a simple, and, on the surface, a fairly ludicrous question. I can look at statistics, and in the mirror, and I can make the following empirical observations, p — I’m white.  In 2021, 59% of U.S. citizens are . (Statista) — I identify as heterosexual.  In 2021, 93% of U.S. citizens identify as white.  […]

Tequesta Lives Matter, Too

Brian Flores made headlines earlier this week when he filed a class action suit against all 32 National Football League teams that called out specific incidents in the last month that have denied him employment as an NFL head coach.Flores has specifically accused the Denver Broncos, New York Giants and his former employers, the Miami […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green…And Sometimes It Is

Last night I was supposed to be in a hockey arena in a town that was more than 60 degrees colder in temperature than where I was, but to me has always been eminently warmer.  Never has that disparity been more evident than last night. Oswego, New York is hardly a tourist mecca, particularly in […]

The Curse of the Mask?

I fucking LOVE football.  I’ve purchased a LOT of face masks.  And recently I’ve begun to build out my collection of jerseys and outerwear as well, Naturally I think there’s a connection to these passions. As we head out of September and into the heart of the NFL season let’s do a quick recap of […]