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Food Don’t Lie

So I started a new job last week.  No, don’t be that excited–it’s not one that I’m particularly excited about, nor am I planning to do one of those “I’m happy to share that I started” form posts on LinkedIn that it seems only the most tangentially connected people in my contact list seem to […]

A Hard Act To Swallow

It’s The Fourth of July, which of course means despite all of the warnings and admonishments from my building any involvement in fireworks will result in an immediate eviction notice, an awful lot of my neighbors either never got such a notice or truly don’t give a rat’s ass.  So I’m awake, the still night […]

Carpe DEI-m?

No, it wasn’t a very good week for those who believe in inclusion.  Aside from the Supreme Court’s pre-summer vacation parting shots, the most notable of which was the de facto elimination of affirmative action, the entertainment medium was awash in stories announcing numerous departures of executives who had been specifically tasked with improving their […]

If You’re Going To Reopen The Office, You Also Need To Open Your Mind

Bob Iger’s honeymoon return to the CEO helm at Disney became a nightmare for many of its previously overjoyed employees earlier this week when this little missive wound up in inboxes (as reported by Alex Sherman and Sarah Whitten of Bob Iger told hybrid employees on Monday they must return to corporate offices four […]

The Grieving Process Continues

So I actually began therapy this week, which I am sure won’t come as a surprise to any of you, and perhaps a relief to those who still give a damn.  With all of the losses I’ve experienced of late, and with absolutely no hope of changing anyone else’s deadset opinions about how (or if) […]

Can’t We All Just Pray Nice Together?

In media research, a common advanced study to identify audience segments is called an “only-only-both”, essentially a Venn diagram mapping of how two particular programs’ viewerships compare and contrast.  Depending upon the business objective, there is potential upside from either conclusion.  If you’re a marketer, you would hope the two shows have a large common […]

Need A Lyft? I Sure Do

On many occasions when I compose these musings, I’m often doing so when it’s quite dark, quiet and the world is otherwise asleep. For those of you who are perhaps too distant or detached to know better, or even care for a millisecond about the feelings that go into this, suffice to say on many, […]

The Story You Are About To Read Is True

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have never heard of DRAGNET–at best, you might have seen the theatrical spoof that helped propel Tom Hanks’ career that’s now 35 years old.  But waaay back in TV and radio history, the phrase that adorns the top of today’s entry was right up there with “you […]

Lopez Vs. Lopez Vs. Logic

I’m sure George Lopez has some very redeeming qualities.  Sandra Bullock, known as one of the sweetest and most accessible “big name” stars around, saw enough in his potential to build a sitcom around his stand-up act with him as it’s lead.  She and Warner Brothers took full advantage of a struggling and castigated ABC […]

Where Are The Adults In The Room?

While I don’t like admitting it, occasionally a milestone occurs that will give away my actual age.  Today’s one such example. Exactly fifty years ago today I put on a tight polyester suit and stood before a Torah in the Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills and was Bar Mitzvahed. I don’t remember too many […]