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With Friends Like This…

It’s been a really tough week, and it is in this safe space that I will admit to those of you willing to read this exactly how much so.  I own up to the fact that much of the pain and suffering I endure are through a series of poor choices I have made throughout […]

I Never Forget 9/11. No, Not Just THAT One.

NOTE:  This post is running concurrently today on our sister site, WWW.LEBLANGUAGE.NET.  Please visit it for daily updates on media, politics and life. You’d be hard pressed not to find someone not in a reflective mood today.  9/11 has brought out those kinds of emotions now for 22 years, which means that this year’s college […]

Food Don’t Lie

So I started a new job last week.  No, don’t be that excited–it’s not one that I’m particularly excited about, nor am I planning to do one of those “I’m happy to share that I started” form posts on LinkedIn that it seems only the most tangentially connected people in my contact list seem to […]

A Hard Act To Swallow

It’s The Fourth of July, which of course means despite all of the warnings and admonishments from my building any involvement in fireworks will result in an immediate eviction notice, an awful lot of my neighbors either never got such a notice or truly don’t give a rat’s ass.  So I’m awake, the still night […]

Carpe DEI-m?

No, it wasn’t a very good week for those who believe in inclusion.  Aside from the Supreme Court’s pre-summer vacation parting shots, the most notable of which was the de facto elimination of affirmative action, the entertainment medium was awash in stories announcing numerous departures of executives who had been specifically tasked with improving their […]

Who’s Your Daddy? Be Thankful It’s Not This Guy

It’s Father’s Day, and for those of you who are blessed enough to be one or still have one in your to celebrate, I envy you very much.  Mine is now gone nine years, and his last Father’s Day on Earth also turned out to be the day he was by mistake taken to a […]

Time To Gong Rong-Gong, And All Else Gone Wrong?

The Los Angeles Times has nothing whatsover to worry about when it comes to retaining me as a reader and a subscriber.  I’m far too much an admirer of their sports and Calendar sections, not to mention their Jumble and crossword puzzles, to even think of choosing to move on.   There are days when what […]

Loneliness. Such An Honest Word.

I typically write these musings when it’s quiet and dark in my room, often with little more than a desk lamp illuminating my screen and my mind.  Like anyone who would like to consider themselves a decent writer, I do this alone.  Which is fine. Except lately I seem to do virtually EVERYTHING alone.  Most […]

There’s No Fool Like This April Fool

Maybe you’re in a frame of mind to live up the promise of this day, but I’m nowhere near that jovial.  In fact, I’m feeling far more like a fool than ever. If I’m to believe the urban myth that attributes the origins of April Fools Day to, I guess I have to thank, […]

I’ll Be There For You (Cause You’re There For Me, Too)

I used to watch a LOT of reruns of FRIENDS.  In a prior chapter of my life, it was, in fact, one of the few respites from a life that, while it was financially and professionally better than the place I’m in now, was dominated by an awful lot of people and situations where the […]