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Bang The Drum. Slowly.

I have to admit I’m not a fan of The Foo Fighters, but I am a fan of talent and, humbly, an expert on what and why people are popular.  So when the news broke yesterday of the untimely passing of their drummer Taylor Hawkins at the tragically young age of 50, I knew it was a BIG deal.

Drummers are among the most gifted, free-spirited and impassioned creators I know in any creative field.  The very definition of their craft invites innovation, demands energy, and invokes crowd reaction at any performance.  You’re banging wood and ceramic upon skin and metal emphatically and rhythmically, as a precursor or a coda to a powerful solo.  If you’re a Deadhead, “Drums” is the part of the show where you typically seek out someone you recognize in the crowd to hug or bum a blunt from and then let the world wave over you for the next few minutes.  Drummers are typically in excellent physical shape given the demands of the role, and always have had the runway to make eye contact with the groupies who may not be quite up to the standards of the lead singer but are more than acceptable as one-night stands otherwise.   And personally….every female drummer I’ve ever known has been the literal embodiment of talent and sensuality.  I’m almost ashamed to publicly admit what the sight of one does to me, even to this day.   One in particular knows who she is.  She’s never looked more talented or happier- than when she jammed with her dad.  (He’s not bad for an older guy, either).

I have a new good friend–a guy–who’s a professional drummer and creator.  When he gets behind the five-figure custom set in his studio he takes on the persona of a warrior and is captivating to watch.  When his adorable daughter cuddles up next to him and mimics her daddy’ moves with the unbridled joy of a child who knows she is both loved and genetically blessed to eventually be a female drummer herself, it is almost impossible not to kvell.   He’s roughly the same age as Taylor Hawkins, just not as well-known.  He’s clearly got much to live for.  I’m honored to be a small part of his quest and journey.

You can learn more about him, and hear his work, at the link below.  I strongly urge you to follow him and our band, US.  We are about to announce a significant release that could allow all of US to help people truly in need. More about that at a later date. 

So when someone who is in the same age bracket, with a lot of life ahead of him, and unquestioned success and personal happiness is suddenly gone, it’s not just shocking, it’s sobering.  We’re just about at the quarter pole this year, and there’s already been far too many untimely deaths.  This is yet another bitter pill to swallow.

Those of you who know Taylor’s work will likely listen with tears in the next few days.  Next week’s Grammys will likely have a poignant tribute.  I’ll probably discover some of their music for the first time and lament it took this to get me on the bandwagon.  And I’ll think fondly of the drummers I do know, and those I’d give anything to know again, and pray they’re around much longer than the meteor that was Taylor Hawkins.

Until next time…